How to build an easy to move portable pitching mound for under $150.00? That’s the question I asked! Follow these easy steps to make your own pitchers mound cheap. Well, I did it on my own and actually like it better than others I found for a whole lot more. Be sure to show this to anyone you know that has a kid playing baseball. This is a very simple build that every kid wanting to pitch can use to get better! After looking for plans to create an easily portable pitching mound for my two boys, I finally gave up and built one on my own. I wanted something that could be transported with our Dodge Caravan and moved by a single person if need be. Everyone I have shown this to has agreed that it turned out AMAZING! The kids are able to really get the practice needed to become better pitchers with this Pitching Mound. The plans can be purchased for the minor cost of $10.00 through the link below. OR you can just rewatch this video a few times to see what all I did to create this pitching Mound. If you build one of these, please let us know how it turned out!